What’s its like to be a Finance Consultant in the IT Industry

If you’re someone who wants to see what it’s like as a finance consultant or implementation consultant in the IT Industry or wondering how IT Accounting is applied in work, then this post is for you.

It’s the year 2020 and a lot has happened after graduating from college. I started working as a consultant for the implementation of ERP — Accounting and Finance systems at Ramco Systems Inc. After much experience in this industry, I learned quite well that digital systems are becoming the norm now and most organizations are investing in digital systems for sustainability, efficiency, and better management.

In this post, I want to share my typical work routine as a finance consultant.


Mornings give me that refreshing and low-stress feeling and energy to face the new day with great enthusiasm. That’s why reading emails at this time is perfect for me while sipping my chocolate drink. Emails gives me information about the progress of the project and deliverables both from my clients and my teams. That information allows me to plan my tasks, energy, and schedule accordingly and take action on tasks that demand priority and attention.


Part of the job as a consultant is building a healthy client relationship. The success of the project requires collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication between the project team and its clients. In this part, I set up meeting schedules with my clients mostly for the following objectives:

  1. Identifying client’s needs and requirements;
  2. Gathering data and information about their existing accounting systems, data needs, and business processes;
  3. Addressing their concerns, needs, and inquiries about the product;
  4. Designing strategy in handling unique problems and needs beyond the scope of the product and in implementing the product;
  5. Discussing the project’s status and deliverables.

These are only the tip of the usual meetings’ objectives, but the main point here is that a consultant must maintain the relationship with the client and establish clear communications to ensure the client’s participation and involvement.

“Effective communications solves most of the problems and avoids creating problems”, a phrase I have gotten which I agree with as a consultant. A project will go smoothly when there is effective communication, concrete strategy, and collaboration among teams.


This part is the big chunk of my typical work day (60%). After setting up my schedule and attending meetings, I work on my tasks and collaborate with my team about the project deliverables, issues, risks, and resolutions. My tasks vary depending on the stages of the project. To give you an idea, I enumerated some of my tasks:

  1. Planning recommendations and strategies;
  2. Testing the product including its customizations and integrations;
  3. Deploying the product into the production after completing the data migration and configuration;
  4. Communicating to the technical team about the needs and requirements and how it should be handled in the system. This is very important as you create a direction for the technical team on how to deliver the needs and requirements of the clients.

These are only a few tasks of my job as a consultant. But, the most important is the successful implementation of the ERP product to production which is the most challenging as both the client and my team must work hand-in-hand to ensure that all objectives, needs, and requirements are well-addressed and covered and that the product is fully operating as intended with no risks.


The job of an implementation consultant is quite challenging but fulfilling. You handle almost all aspects of the project and you are exposed to different problems and challenges. My day is not that routinary and my work gives me an avenue to become creative in problem-solving and the opportunity to harness my skills in IT Accounting and Data.

The qualities I have discovered as a consultant that one must have to be successful for this job:

  1. Good Communication Skills — Switching your language and words based on your audience when communicating is more effective
  2. Effective Writing and Presentation Skills — People usually understood it better when it’s simple and has visualizations.
  3. Confidence — Since a consultant has the knowledge and experience of different methodologies and the product’s feature and capabilities, then you need to deliver recommendations, proposals, and strategies with a certain degree of confidence whenever the client asks about the product or business process improvement.
  4. Client Management
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Creativity
  7. Adaptability

That’s my typical day as a finance consultant at Ramco. I hope that gives you a glimpse about the consultant’s typical work day, responsibilities and impact and what it feels like to be working as a functional consultant in the Software Industry.

If you have any comments or feedbacks, feel free to post it here. Thanks!

About Ramco Systems

Ramco Systems is a software and services provider based in India. Founded in 1992, it was initially part of Ramco Group but became an independent company in 1997. It entered the Philippines last 2016 and provides Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Logistics and Aviation Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) and Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software.




Risk Advisory at Deloitte | Former Finance Consultant. Interested in Data, Tech, Disruptive Innovation & Finance. linkedin.com/in/jmsebastiancarino/

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Sebastian Carino

Sebastian Carino

Risk Advisory at Deloitte | Former Finance Consultant. Interested in Data, Tech, Disruptive Innovation & Finance. linkedin.com/in/jmsebastiancarino/

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